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A signal is a sign, gesture, or other kind of report or notice of something.
The sign replaces the written word or language. They obey conventions, so they are easily interpreted.
When it comes to symbols, the signs are placed in visible places and are usually made in various colors and shapes.
There are also indications on flags and on the floor.
We can use any type of external stimulus as signals such as: linguistic expressions, gestures, drawings among others.
At VIP, as an integral communication team, we provide you with the solutions to your needs, whether in the realization of PVC signs, floor graphics, flags or light boxes.

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  • January - March 2020
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No one has ever built a brand by imitating someone else’s brand.

David Ogilvy
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Let our team of experts bring your branded events to life in the most vibrant graphics, images, fonts and expressions. Don’t wait – contact us today to discuss your next event brand vision with us: We want to be a part of your great moments!

Let´s Talk About Your Idea

Let´s Talk About Your Idea

Our service combines the best graphic design and communications professionals with the latest branding solutions equipment for printing and manufacturing. We produce top event promotion and advertising signage to make your brand truly stand out with audiences and help bring your vision and your successful events to life!

Let´s Talk About Your Project

Let´s Talk About Your Project

Our group specializes in custom design and installation of large-scale branding and advertising assets such as event space banners and signs, flags, decals, automotive wraps and many more. We can professionally design, print, manufacture and install any visual advertising components our clients may need for a planned outing or occasion, branded promotion, retail store, company space, office location, corporate function, sports event, social gathering or public event.

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